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Archives for June 2012

That Christmas Eve Feeling

Dear Julie, I feel like I know you well enough to be my best friend. I just read your book cover to cover in 3 days. And one morning I literally woke up really early with excitement to read more of it. That Christmas Eve feeling… I cannot express to you (though I’ll sure try) […]

Julie Perry’s Guidance Is As Near To Fail-Safe As a Person Can Get

While there’s no such thing as a guarantee in this life, Julie Perry’s guidance is as near to fail-safe as a person can get. As a fellow traveler, I was shown by Julie, step-by-step and in detail, exactly what needed to be done to make the dream of working in luxury yachting a reality. She was […]

My Stew Keeps Reading It On Her Breaks

Hey Julie, GREAT BOOK. Too bad I rarely have a chance to read it. I keep it on the yacht, and my stew keeps reading it on her breaks, so i never get to touch it. I wish I had that book when i got started on the yachts. — Captain Michael Elliston

Your Guide Has Taught Me Much

Dear Julie, I have been reading your guide with delight . It is my first season and your guide has taught me much!! Kind regards, — Robyn Thevenau

I’m Heading to Ft. Lauderdale to Become a Yacht Stew

Hi Julie, thanks to your book, I’m heading to Ft. Lauderdale to become a yacht stew. A career change is severely in order for me! Thanks for writing! — Kelli S.

It Was An Amazing Insight

Hi Julie, I’ve just read your book, twice, it was an amazing insight and well worth the read. Thank you. In September I will be completing the Maritime Hospitality course with UKSA here in the UK and plan to travel to Fort Lauderdale in October to look for employment onboard a superyacht as a Stewardess! […]