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Your Work Is Very Inspiring

Hi Julie, I used to work on yachts in the Mediterranean myself for about one year, and then another season whilst already at university (where I decided to head to eventually, when I started to worry about what to do “after”) This is about 6 yrs ago now. Now I got the degree, got the […]

It’s Hard For Me to Put It Down

I have ordered your book. It’s hard for me to put in down. You have a great amount of information to offer us. — Aaron Simmons, Future “Stew”

Can’t Wait to Get Started On My Dream Job

Dear Julie Perry, I’ve purchased your book about working on luxury yachts and can’t wait to get started on my dream job! Thank you for opening my eyes to such a fantastic industry I never before could have dreamed of! Sincerely yours, — Veronica Wolters

This Is An Amazing Book That Every Young Girl Should Read

Hi, I was wondering how to get an autographed copy, I love this book soooo much. This is an amazing book that every young girl should read. You’re a real inspiration! — Meredith

Just Received Your Book and It’s Wonderful

I have just received your book and its wonderful! Thank you so much for sending it so quickly I am so excited! And thank you for your lovely message too! One week to go and then we’re off again so getting slightly nervous for when we arrive in Antibes but can’t wait at the same time.  I […]

I Bought Your Book and Just Finished Reading It

Hi Julie! I bought your book and just finished reading it! -I loved it! Thank you so much for the good tool and read! — Jessica London

I Have Highlighted Almost Every Page

Hi Julie, I loved the book! I have highlighted like almost every page! Lots of great info! Thanks for writing it!! — Steve Little

I Read It In One Day

Hi Julie, Since I was a little girl I’ve loved to travel. I’m 21 years old now and I have lived and traveled all over the world. I’ve been an on-and-off college student ever since I graduated from high school, but I just can’t seem to figure out what it is I want to do […]

I Saved Some Amazing Money and Had A Great Experience

Dear Julie, I’m not sure you remember me, but I’ll try my best to remind you.  My name is Kelly, and about 18 months ago your book changed my life. We emailed back and forth a few times, and I even got the chance to briefly meet you at American Yacht Institute while I was taking […]

Helpful and Enjoyable

Hi Julie, I purchased your book awhile ago and just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed it and how helpful it has been.  Best Regards, — Melinda Lampariello