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You Have Given Me Hope

Hi Julie, I love your book!  I am following your advice completely. I will be coming to Ft. Lauderdale to actively begin my search for a job as a yacht stew and go to school per your suggestion. I am also planning on attending the Triton’s March event.  Thank you very much for writing such […]

Can’t Wait To Get Moving On This Exciting New Adventure

I bought your book, it has been both helpful and useful but also VERY encouraging! Can’t wait to get moving on this exciting new adventure. Thank you, — Jess

I Am Hooked

Hi Julie, Thanks so much for sending the book via email. I have already finished reading it and haven’t even received the hard copy yet. I am hooked!  Thanks Julie! — Jenna Higgins

This Will Be My Bible

Hi Julie, My name is Laura and I just finished reading your book and would like to tell you thank you, because this will be my bible while I try to break into the yachting industry. Thank You, — Laura N

Your Book Has Helped So Much In Planning For This Adventure

I am 19 years old and met a crew in Savannah, GA while attending Savannah College of Art and Design. Once I heard about the yacht industry I knew I had to do it! I cannot be more excited. I know this will be an amazing experience. I ordered your book which has helped me so […]

Brilliant Advice In Your Book

Hi Julie, I would just like to say thank you so much for all your BRILLIANT advice in your book!!! My name is Leanne and I am currently a Commercial Interior Designer in London, I come from South Africa and have been sponsored by my company to continue working for them in London. However I have […]

Cannot Believe How Amazing and Insightful It Has Been

Hi Julie, I bought your book a couple of months ago and cannot believe how amazing and insightful it has been. I had already made the decision to pursue work on a yacht before purchasing your book, however since reading it I am so excited and must admit I would have been totally clueless without […]

Inspiring In Every Way

Hi Julie, Loving your book so far!! Inspiring in every way… I will be down in Ft. Lauderdale this spring to start my journey. Thanks for the guidance and advice!!  All the best, — Katie Shantz

My Strong Desire to Travel Has Led Me to Your Book

My strong desire to travel has led me to your book and I absolutely love it! Hi, my name is Emily and I live in Montana. I am 17 years old and I attend my local high school. My strong desire to travel has led me to your book and I absolutely love it! It’s […]

Can’t Stop Reading!! What a Fascinating World!

Hi Julie, Oh thank you very very much for [your book]. Can’t stop reading!! What a fascinating world!  I must share with you, that this book is really for my daughter, Natasha. She will be finishing school at the end of this year. Reason why I am giving her your book is that I have noticed […]