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Brilliant Advice In Your Book

Hi Julie, I would just like to say thank you so much for all your BRILLIANT advice in your book!!! My name is Leanne and I am currently a Commercial Interior Designer in London, I come from South Africa and have been sponsored by my company to continue working for them in London. However I have always wanted to get into the yachting industry, so after a holiday to the South of France I decided that it was time to fulfill my dream, however I had no idea where I start.

So one day while researching I came across your website, I read a caption of your book and decided to order it. My first best decision I have made so far! I started reading your book and just couldn’t put it down, I found it so informative but at the same time very interesting and it had me giggling very often! I really enjoy the way if felt like I’m listening to a friend giving me advice, I really felt like I got to know you. Towards the end I started sparing my reading times so I didn’t have to come to the end of the book I was enjoying it so much!  The more I read the book the more driven I got to do it! I ordered your book on the 7th October 2011 and you will be happy to know you have encouraged me so much that I will be arriving in Fort Lauderdale on the 28th December to start my job search!

So I just felt like I owe you a thank you as you have been so instrumental in helping me understand a whole new world! I love absolutely EVERYTHING about your book and have already told so many other women that are interested in being a Stewardess to read it. I just thought I’d let you know how I feel, and I’m sure it must be invigorating for you to find out how you have completely changed someone’s life!

Thanks again!

— Leanne Roos