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Julie Perry’s Guidance Is As Near To Fail-Safe As a Person Can Get

While there’s no such thing as a guarantee in this life, Julie Perry’s guidance is as near to fail-safe as a person can get. As a fellow traveler, I was shown by Julie, step-by-step and in detail, exactly what needed to be done to make the dream of working in luxury yachting a reality. She was insightful, accurate, and hilarious at every turn and hurdle, explaining precisely what obstacles and adventures lay before me as I started from NOTHING. Thanks to Julie and her wealth of information, I was able to work, live, and play on one of the more prestigious charter yachts in the world and explore some of the most fabulous destinations throughout France and Italy. If you’ve ever wanted to change your world, see the world, and have an incredible time doing it, this is the book you NEED to read. Thanks, Julie… I OWE YOU.

— Jim Bray, a former deckhand and mate in the yachting industry