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Keep Calm And Get Your Get $#!@ Done T-shirt – Adrienne Gang

Keep Calm and Get $#!@ Done! T-Shirt

If you’ve been watching Below Deck on Bravo TV and have seen yourself agreeing more with #TeamAdrienne, then you need to show your support by getting your own “I Keep Calm and Get $#!@ Done” t-shirt, as seen here being worn by Adrienne Gang, Chief Stewardess on the show.

Jason Bean, a.k.a. “Bnpositive” (also the designer of this website — thanks, Jason!), shared the idea for the t-shirt while Adrienne was here in Indianapolis doing a book signing and viewing party of the show. After putting our heads together, the idea came to create the shirt and use sell it to raise funds and awareness for Adrienne’s efforts to rid the world of GHB perpetrators after having fought through her own personal ordeal this past December, “‘Below Deck’ star Adrienne Gang: Is your drink spiked?“.

You can order your own shirt online and have it shipped right to your door! All proceeds from the sale of these shirts will go to support the  Crisis Center of Tampa Bay and other efforts by Adrienne to increase awareness of the dangers and risks of this drug and provide resources to help keep innocent women safe.

Get Your Get $#!@ Done T-Shirt Now!

And kudos to Adrienne for making a former fellow-stew (me) proud this season on Below Deck.


  1. […] And I say: Good for Adrienne! With the multitude of things that must be thought of and kept track of by the interior crew’s chief during a charter trip—not to mention the juggling act of simultaneously preparing for future charter trips while you’re in the middle of a demanding one—being an organized task-master is a phenomenal skill to have as a chief stew. It can be tremendously overwhelming, especially when the chief must also oversee stews under his or her management that cannot be trusted to get the job done properly. (Just thinking about it makes me want to go buy another #TeamAdrienne “Get $#!@ Done” t-shirt.) […]