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Online Yacht Crew Agencies

Outside of the official crew agency websites, there are a handful of yacht-crew job listing / searching websites for all levels of crew positions. A few serve as résumé/CV hosting sites, and their goal is to provide captains/owners and crew with a means to connect directly with each other during the hiring process, without an intermediary (crew agent). I definitely recommend giving these types of “cyber agencies” a shot. The three online yacht crew agencies that I list below are not only verified, but I’ve received very positive feedback with regard to all three. I recommend subscribing to the RSS feeds of these sites and following them on social media to keep an eye on job postings.

Here’s how these agencies work: Crew are able to register for free, whereby they can post a résumé/CV and then view active positions on the site, applying to any position for which there’s a fit. Note that you’ll be replying directly to the employers; in other words, there’s no middle man. It’s the employers—likely captains and owners—who are paying for the service (and are how these agencies make money).

So, with that in mind, know that this method of securing employment is not going to be as useful for novices. And here’s why: The benefit of having your résumé/CV viewed by captains and owners around the world means you would need to be qualified enough to stand out. You would also typically need to be in the same hiring port where a captain can arrange to meet you, and even then, experienced crew will definitely have the most luck. Since it’s a free service, it couldn’t hurt to give it a shot, but you should still attempt using traditional crew agencies and trying to find day work.

Here are the three agencies that I do recommend registering with; although, be realistic in doing so if you are brand-spanking new to the industry with zero experience and no certifications yet:

Crew4Crew.net — www.Crew4Crew.net
1093 SE 17th St., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 (Next to Waxy’s)
Tel: 1-954-764-8995
Website: www.crew4crew.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Crew4Crew/134608359943733
Twitter: @Crew4Crew_net (worth following for notice of job postings)
Crew4Crew.net was created for yacht captains and owners hiring crew to have direct access to all professional yacht crew available for employment without having to paying commission. Employers pay a subscription fee to access professional yacht-crew CVs and employment files. It was also created to give crew an equal opportunity to be considered for positions without being fielded by an agent (there is no interview requirement). The agency offers commission-free online crew placement and a wide range of job opportunities worldwide.

How Crew4Crew differs from the other online-only placement services (and why it gets my highest recommendation among agencies of this sort) is that they have a physical location in Fort Lauderdale. They offer a serene crew lounge with work stations and Wi-Fi access, where you can go hang and take advantage of in-office crew support, including crew business card production, document scanning, and résumé/CV writing services. Crew4Crew also offers a Managed Qualified Profile service where they create your profile, scan documents, resize and convert files, offer résumé/CV feedback, and update content for six months.

Another cool benefit is that you choose to complete either a “Standard” or “Qualified Profile.” Standard Profile is the basic option and the default when you first register and upload your résumé/CV resume and profile photo. After that, you are made available to employers immediately. A Qualified Profile is the more advanced, professional option that will allow you to set yourself apart from other crew by indicating that your profile meets a certain professional standard. Employers are more likely to find crew efficiently with a Qualified Profile. There is no fee for either option, but with Qualified, you’ll need to get a checklist of the requirements and submit all of their requested information and documents. It’s much more time-consuming, but worth the effort.

Aside from choosing the Qualified Profile option, here are some quick tips for using Crew4Crew.net:
• Log in regularly to keep your profile at the top of the available crew list for the position you are seeking. This also lets employers know you are available.
• Check the Job Posting Board and apply directly to posted positions. The employer’s profile maintains a record of your application and provides a direct link to your profile and all of your uploaded files.
• Do not apply for a job if you do not meet the minimum requirements listed. Employers report crew that abuse the job posting system and those crewmembers are no longer allowed to use the site.
JF-Recruiting — www.JF-Recruiting.com
Tel: +1 954 604 6298 or 34 (0)971 57 09 67
Website: www.jf-recruiting.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/JF-Recruiting/153708861306034
Twitter: @JFRecruiting (worth following for notice of job postings)
Owned and operated by Jonathan Franklin, this is another Internet-only crew recruitment database for yachting jobs worldwide. Register online where you then post a résumé/CV and provide two references. From there, you’ll be able to view active positions on the site’s Job Board page. Candidates can then apply directly to employers. Once you’ve registered, you must maintain your active crew status by logging into your account every 14 days.

Judging by the Job Search listings I’ve seen, there are some pretty good opportunities available through this service. I would try it. You can also register for the RSS feed to keep tabs on the postings.
Five Star Crew — FiveStarCrew.ca
Website: www.fivestarcrew.ca
Facebook 1: www.facebook.com/pages/Five-Star-Crew/158314280855254
Facebook 2: www.facebook.com/pages/Five-Star-Crew-II/229490427090501
Twitter: @FiveStarCrewca
Five Star Crew is a professional megayacht crew-job listing site for both experienced crew as well as newbies internationally. Register at www.fivestarcrew.ca; the site has about the shortest registration process out there (no photos) and allows megayacht crew to post and manage position postings. The ads appear on the main page in the chosen category. The agency keeps an eye on who is registering and applying, and crew benefit from a two-click application process once registered.

Run by Karen Murray, Five Star Crew also communicates with crew through its Facebook page. It even has a second Facebook page dedicated to letting crew post biographies for all hiring parties to peruse. Both pages are very popular. The website also has an RSS feed you can subscribe to, and the agency is active on Twitter. The site does not accept non-yacht positions (so no land-based jobs), nor are cruise or commercial ship positions permitted.

The final thing I’ll say about the type of agencies just mentioned is that they do offer a more direct way of both searching for jobs and being sought out by employers. That can be useful, but the downside is that, without a crew agent intermediary, both employers and job seekers carry a lot more risk. Without proper screening on both sides, you never know what you’re going to get. This can make things more time consuming, especially on the side of employers, who are the ones typically benefiting from having the more professional agencies checking references, pre-interviewing, and getting to know the candidates. From the crew perspective though, without knowing who’s behind these jobs (especially for those new to the industry), you might be playing with fire a bit. Proceed with caution.

And also know that this type of job search option will likely be much more valuable to you once you’ve been in the industry awhile and know what to look out for (and also have enough experience to attract good employers).

Online Job Listing Sites

Beyond these Internet-based crew agencies above, there are a couple online job-search sites where you can register and apply for specific jobs that catch your eye. They work slightly different and are separated out for that reason. Click here to view a list of online yacht-crew job listing sites.