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Great book!

“I never read a book so fast in my life. This book was so helpful to get a clear understanding on how to get into the yachting industry and becoming a stewardess. My favorite parts are the I Must Confess sections throughout the book (I wish there was more!). I always enjoy hearing about people’s experiences. There was humor throughout the chapters which really kept me intrigued in reading. Being a writer myself for a local boating magazine in New York, I always try to add humor to my stories. People love to laugh, and you will most likely laugh when reading Julie’s book! I definitely recommend reading this to whoever is interested in this line of work. If you are not interested, then you can still get great stories and information about the yachting life. I really want to become a stewardess because being out on the water and on boats is my passion. I just have to finished college first and then I am on my way at starting my future in the yachting industry. I will have this great book along side me to help me through the path to success!”

Melissa Mc, via, August 15, 2013