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That Christmas Eve Feeling

Dear Julie, I feel like I know you well enough to be my best friend. I just read your book cover to cover in 3 days. And one morning I literally woke up really early with excitement to read more of it. That Christmas Eve feeling…

I cannot express to you (though I’ll sure try) how perfectly your book came into my life and how much it has changed things since I’ve read it. It is exactly the document I needed to make me launch into this next step of my life with 100% confidence.

I imagine you get a lot out of changing people’s lives, so that they might have their own experiences similar to yours. It is obvious that you have a genuine passion for the industry and for the people running it in the future. I also wanted to say that loved your writing style. You left none of my questions unanswered.

And I loved reading your stories. I literally laughed out loud multiple times while I was reading them. I’ve shared multiple excerpts from your book with my family.

— Kelly Robinson, Chicago