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Insiders’ Guide for Yacht Stews

This book is amazing. Funny, informative, entertaining, and meticulously detailed. I don’t think anyone has done such a good job of actually putting the facts down on paper. This woman is talented! I am a writer in the yachting industry myself, and I am amazed at all of the details of the industry she has […]

I’m Heading to Ft. Lauderdale to Become a Yacht Stew

Hi Julie, thanks to your book, I’m heading to Ft. Lauderdale to become a yacht stew. A career change is severely in order for me! Thanks for writing! — Kelli S.

It Was An Amazing Insight

Hi Julie, I’ve just read your book, twice, it was an amazing insight and well worth the read. Thank you. In September I will be completing the Maritime Hospitality course with UKSA here in the UK and plan to travel to Fort Lauderdale in October to look for employment onboard a superyacht as a Stewardess! […]

Opened My Eyes to A World I Didn’t Know Existed

Hi Julie, Recently I had the pleasure of running into a yacht crew in New Orleans and hanging out with them for several months. These guys opened my eyes to a world that I didn’t know existed.  Now, I’ve bought your book and am planning to come to Ft. Lauderdale at the beginning of April […]

The Job Hunt Section In the Book Is Also Very Useful

Julie, My husband just arrived to Ft. Lauderdale and we have begun the job search. We are very experienced in the hospitality industry, and we excited to bring our skills to the yacht scene. We just finished our first temporary job out of Seattle together. It was a week cruise through the San Juan Islands […]

You Have Given Me Hope

Hi Julie, I love your book!  I am following your advice completely. I will be coming to Ft. Lauderdale to actively begin my search for a job as a yacht stew and go to school per your suggestion. I am also planning on attending the Triton’s March event.  Thank you very much for writing such […]